Telnet / FTP

Telnet / FTP

Post by John Culleto » Tue, 23 May 2000 04:00:00

1. Go to a text console (ctrl/alt/f5 or whatever.)
2. keyin "man ftp".
3. for more indepth treatment try "Linux Network Administration"
(O'Reilly & associates.)

Ftp (although it can work under a browser like netscape) is
basically a comand line character based protocol. In Linux the
command line is still essential.

Telnet is a different animal. It converts your Linux system into
a dumb terminal in contact with some server that accepts Telnet
connections. Not all ISP's allow for this (mine does). Telnet can
also be used internally to access your own machine as if you were
an external terminal. This helps with  certain DBMS packages etc.
The same rules apply. First RTFM then try the O'Reilly book.

Before youy  scour the web scour your system. I assume SuSe has
similar facilities (man pages, howotos etc.) as Slackware. If not
let me know and I will point you to the sites where you can
download them.

John Culleton
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>Please can some one point me to documentation on setting up
Telnet and FTP
>on SuSE Linux.

>I have scoured the web for info and found nothing helpful.



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