Korganizer Exchange 2000 plugin

Korganizer Exchange 2000 plugin

Post by Amund Sjaavaa » Wed, 09 Apr 2003 20:24:05


 Does the Exchange 2000 plugin of Korganizer support secure channel for

The plugin used to work, but i don't get access to the server anymore. The
server replies: The page must be viewed over a secure channel.

When i use a webbrowser on the same pc and i go to http://servername i get
redirected to https://servername/exchange, and nothing more happens.

# rpm -qa |  grep ssl


1. MS patches Exchange 2000 email spy bug


Now how many companies use this to allow their employees to
access their email while offsite? How many of these companies
will hear about the patch far less install it. It doesn't
matter what SW MS develop they are full of security bugs.
Even their ISA firewall has had 2 security bugs found already
the last of which was a total denial of service (a polite
way of saying it crashed :-)

Over 100 security bugs in Microsoft SW last year. An infamous
record. The worst offending piece of SW, by far, IIS. 2001 isn't
looking any better.

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