Can KDE Taskbar act like GNOME taskbar?

Can KDE Taskbar act like GNOME taskbar?

Post by Lorin Hochstei » Wed, 28 Jul 1999 04:00:00

I was wondering  if the KDE taskbar can be set like the GNOME taskbar,
so that it only shows the tasks that are running on the current desktop.

Lorin Hochstein


1. kde taskbar disappeared - solution = cleanup $HOME/.kde/first start

looking up google I found some posts of similar problems and vague
recommendations about settings, however this did not help: too vague.
Let me post the article I would have liked to find...

So this is what I got:

mandrake 7.2, kde, taskbar disappeared. All settings to default
(alt-f2 kcontrol then panels reset to default and taskbar show all) no
way :-(

r-click exit x, then cd $HOME/.kde
there was a strange file there with a name like kde_first_start
(sorry, this is vague too :-), that I deleted rm kde_first_start.

startx to get back to x, and waouh! there it had come back, the task


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