Control Center loses menu after editing menu in menuDrake

Control Center loses menu after editing menu in menuDrake

Post by Dante D'Eli » Tue, 19 Dec 2000 02:34:42

Using, Mandrake and KDE2:

When I edit my menus in MenuDrake (which has its own issues) I lose all the
items in KDE Control Center (menus, etc.)  Control Center launches, but
there is just a blank white area where the various choices used to be (look
n feel, etc).

I've recreated this twice now.  I have to full reinstall to fix it as I
found no way to install just the control center.

Anyone else with this problem, or have any ideas?

Dante D'Elia


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After reading all the FAQ files I could find first, none of them covered
a small problem encountered with the menu editor in kde2.1
I went into menu editor and deleted a couple of entries. I "may' have
accidentally removed something I shouldn't have because since then, the
control centre when opened has a totally blank left side panel where the
tree used to be with lovely stuff like look & feel, fonts icons etc.
Deleted and reinstalled (-Uvh) kdebase.rpm but this didnt make any
difference.  So what have I stuffed up please ?

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