KCharset: Wrong charset!

KCharset: Wrong charset!

Post by Richard Gun » Thu, 14 Oct 1999 04:00:00

I get this message when I try to run kmix

Running KDE 1.1 under SuSe 6.2 - help most appreciated




1. What is this: KCharset: Wrong charset! (etc.)

My Suse 6.2 trots along quite nicely,
except the fact that when I have, after
booting Linux up, entered and exited KDE via
startx, the console displays this error message,
several times:

"KCharset: Wrong charset! "

As if trying to explain it's inner
feelings to me it also says:

kwm: X_Configuration(0x28000a7) Bad Match
invalid parameter

Waiting for X server to shut down.

Furthermore it complains about something
about some pictures and removing 'GimmickMode',
whatever that is.

I have searchedthrough the very thorough Suse
Manual and 3-4 other Linux reference books, but
not one has KCharset in the index.

What parameters should I fix where and how?
I seem to be unable to find any man page
or other information about this stuff.

About character sets:the languages I use with
my linux are Finnish and UK English. The Finnish
characters are o.k. in KDE-programs like the
terminal emulator, but in the console the Finnish
diacritical characters show as {:s etc.


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