syncronizing KDE2 and GNOEM menus

syncronizing KDE2 and GNOEM menus

Post by Gunter Ohrne » Fri, 03 Nov 2000 00:22:04


Ever tried to syncronize your KDE and GNOME menus and didn't find a way? I
didn't and I was not satisfied with GNOME's KDE-menu-support as it would
not show all applications in a single menu structure. So I used the last
few days to write a small shell script which syncronizes the start menus of
KDE 2.0 and GNOME 1.2. As it was quite a bit more difficult than expected I
put the script under the GPL and published it, hoping that it could be
useful for someone.

I imagine it could be handsome for
* people like me who use a mixture of KDE2 and GNOME,
* people switching between GNOME and KDE,
* Admins having users working with KDE 2 and users working with GNOME,
* people using mainly KDE or GNOME but a bunch of programs from the other
desktop environment,
* ...

The script is neigther fully finished yet nor perfect but stable enough to
be tried out (I hope..). I seem to have squished the most important bugs
and the script seems to be quite useful. You can find it at

I'd like to hear if it did work for you and/or if it was helpful!
Furthermore I'd like if someone could help me killing the remaining


  Gunter Ohrner