KDE 3beta2 : localized fonts in kwrite, etc

KDE 3beta2 : localized fonts in kwrite, etc

Post by Yevgen Voronen » Tue, 19 Feb 2002 03:59:41


I noticed that in KDE3beta2 in control center/looknfeel/fonts
individual font selections character encoding was removed. I used to
select koi8-r instead of default iso-8859-1 to render all russian
fonts correctly.

I presume it should be done automatically now, yet it doesn't work.
For instance, kwrite when opening a simple russian text document,
presents me with latin characters from iso-8859-1.

The above problem could be fixed in kde2.2.2 by
kwrite/setting/configure editor/fonts and chosing the correct
encoding. Encoding choice is gone from kwrite in kde3.

This probably apllies to all languages..



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