Xmame & KDE211

Xmame & KDE211

Post by W. Kimbelto » Sat, 21 Apr 2001 01:00:32

I'm working with Suse 7.1, and after upgrading to KDE 2.1.1 with the Suse
RPM's Xmame has stopped working.

Upon executing xmame, it gets all the way through the rom load and stops

"Using a Visual with a depth of 24bpp"

and then proceeds to do nothing.

Please excuse my ignorance if this is something horribly obvious. I've
logged in under Windowmaker and Xmame works fine.




1. kde211 and konqueror

Apologies if this is duplicate but I've had problems with my newserver and

I've just successfully (?) upgraded to kde2.1.1 and all looks okay but on
konqueror I get the following error message attempting to logon to my
Operamail server.

"The process for http://www.operamail.com protocol has died unexpectedly"

If I type in the wrong user id/password I dont't get the problem but I
don't get logged on either :-)

It looks like some thing is comming back from the server that konqueror
doesn't like.

Anyone any ideas please.



BTW I running SuSE7.0 and I've downloade the kde211 rpms from their site

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