redirect sound card redirected to /dev/null

redirect sound card redirected to /dev/null

Post by Mitchell La » Sat, 10 Nov 2001 01:17:23

I just installed redhat 7.2 and my initial user of kde took over
ownership of
the soundcard. then the next user could not access it (got error of
"could not
access /dev/dsp - "permission denied" setting device to /dev/null.
then i went and chmoded /dev/dsp from crw----------- to crw-rw-rw. now
how to reset the dsound device from /dev/null to /dev/dsp for other
Mitchell Laks

1. csh - trap std out and redirect stderr to /dev/null

Here's the problem:

I want to trap the results of an ls command in a C-shell variable
without having stderr sent to my terminal session.


    #! /bin/csh

    set checked_out_files=`ls SCCS/p.*`
    if ($#checked_out_files > 0) then



This functions in the way I want,  except a "No Match" error is sent to
the terminal when there are no p.* files in the SCCS directory. I don't
want the user to see the error.

I've tried the following as a replacement for the "set" above, but
this does not trap stdout.

    set checked_out_files=`(ls SCCS/p.* > /dev/tty) >& /dev/null`

I've solved my problem using sccs info, but I still want to know
how I would trap the results of a shell command into a shell variable
without directing stderr to the display. (I don't want the user to see
the errors at run time.)

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