KDE Taskbar disappeared

KDE Taskbar disappeared

Post by Charles K. MacKa » Mon, 17 Jun 2002 18:43:12

Newbie at Linux; fairly good at Window$.

Yes, I have read the KDE FAQ, without finding an answer to this:

on all my Red Hat 7.2 installations, the KDE taskbar eventually vanishes. No
error messages. No known change in configuration.

Any way to get it back?

Thanks in advance --



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1. kde taskbar disappeared - solution = cleanup $HOME/.kde/first start

looking up google I found some posts of similar problems and vague
recommendations about settings, however this did not help: too vague.
Let me post the article I would have liked to find...

So this is what I got:

mandrake 7.2, kde, taskbar disappeared. All settings to default
(alt-f2 kcontrol then panels reset to default and taskbar show all) no
way :-(

r-click exit x, then cd $HOME/.kde
there was a strange file there with a name like kde_first_start
(sorry, this is vague too :-), that I deleted rm kde_first_start.

startx to get back to x, and waouh! there it had come back, the task


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