kde and shadow passwords

kde and shadow passwords

Post by wim delvau » Wed, 05 May 1999 04:00:00

Hi any/all

I run kde 1.1 on 2.2.7 linux kernel

When I try to lock my screen there is a dialog box that pops up that
claims that the system
is using shadow passwords and that I should give suid rights to

However There is NO /etc/shadow file on my system and I'm not running
shadow passwords that I know of
Moreover I have given 7777 rights to kcheckpass and it still complains.

What is going on ? Why does he think I'm running shadow passwords and
why is 7777 not enough

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Hi Folks,

I get the following error message from Setting up Screensaver:

Warning: You wont be able to lock the screen

Your system uses shadow passwords.
Please contact your system administrator.
Tell him that you need suid for the kcheckpass program!

Cu Andy

// URL: http://homepages.munich.netsurf.de/Andreas.Reuter \\

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