kprinter + CUPS problem (KDE3, RH7.3)

kprinter + CUPS problem (KDE3, RH7.3)

Post by Falling Dow » Fri, 18 Oct 2002 14:44:27

kprinter takes about 5 minutes to load (no exaggeration), whether called
from a KDE program like kword, or from the command line. This only occurs
when CUPS is the selected printing method. Clicking "Print" results in
another 5 minute delay, but then it prints! I installed KDE 3.0.4 and
koffice 1.2 from some Redhat RPMS, thinking this might help, but same

Any ideas about this?


1. Kprinter and CUPS problem on KDE 3.1.1

I have installed CUPS client on my PC.
The printer server is running CUPS and that is working fine.
I know that because I can rpint from http://locahost;631 which is the CUPS
web interface.
In the Kprinter dialog I can see all print queues.
The location lable says: " Parallel printer on /dev/lp0"
When I try to print via CUPS the dialog gives a message "inittializing
printer system" and hangs.
Probably because it tries to print to a parallel printer which is not
I can print with Kprinter using an external program like: lpr -Pcolor
Somehow the setup of CUPS at the client is stuffed up.
Nothing seems to get rid of the parallel printer.
I did not have this problem with KDE 3.0.3.
Do I have to set some settings apart from CUPS client ?

John Zoetebier
Transparent Systems

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