Can I use the mouse wheel?

Can I use the mouse wheel?

Post by jhibb.. » Fri, 27 Jul 2001 00:37:12

I am going back to KDE 1.1.2 for several reasons not mentioned, and I want to
use my IntelliMouse scroll wheel.  Is it possible to make it work just like
the KDE 2 way, where it scrolls the scrollbar?  I really don't want to use
imwheel, because it only sends key events to the window, which will only move
the cursor around.  I just want it to send the events to the scrollbar



Also, please e-mail me a response.  I don't read this newsgroup often.

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1. Anyone using Gateway machines w/Wheel Mouse in X get wheel to work?

I'm trying imwheel and anything else I can think of to get mouse
wheel scrolling with the wheel mouse that comes with Gateway 550
Pentium III machine under X.  I'm using TurboLinux Workstation 4.
The mouse is a PS/2 type with mouse wheel press as third button.
It works in Win-derived OSs with the Intellimouse drivers.

imwheel says to use protocol "IMPS/2" but if I do that, with or
without gpm running the mouse pointer flies to the upper right
corner of the screen and is useless.  If I just use the "PS/2"
protocol in XF86Config then it recognized the mouse wheel press
as a button press but no scrolling.

xev shows mouse wheel motion as mouse motion(movement on the
mousepad) and the mouse cursor moves slightly up and down
with rotation of the mouse wheel but no scrolling.  Nothing
provides any button 4 or button 5 event, even though my
XF86Config has the zaxismapping set for 4 5.

Anyone have this working on Gateway machines?



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