How to disable KDE2.0 screensavers?

How to disable KDE2.0 screensavers?

Post by Mikko Paanane » Sun, 26 Nov 2000 04:00:00

Hi, I'm installing KDE2.0 to our SUNs (Ultra-5/10s with
Openwindows/CDE), but we don't want people locking workstations in
labs for forever. We have used xlock with autologout after 60
minutes. (Also root can open screensaver)

I deleted screensaver items from Preferences->Look&Feel, so user can't
choose screensaver.

I hacked kdesktop's to disable screensaver when password
dialog shows up. Unfortunately this is there is still a ''lock
screen'' -option in main menu that blanks to screen but doesn't lock
it. Is there any way to make that menu start /usr/openwin/bin/xlock
and disable KDE's screensavers entirely?

Mikko Paananen


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Hi all,
I am having trouble running the screen savers packaged with
KDE 2.2.
They will not run on the root window. They do run in their own
windows if I start them from a shell.
The following is output on the console as they run:
kdesktop: saverengine: starting saver
kdesktop: saver window id: xxxxxxx
kdesktop: starting hack: /usr/local/bin/kswarm.kss
kdeinit:  setgroups: operation not permitted.

And at some point earlier during the startup of KDE,
there is a complaint about:
Grabbing the mouse failed with "GrabNotViewable"
this seems ocurr when KDE tries to initially set up the
screen saver

I'm not using the /dev/sysmouse but rather the
XServer's mouse driver in /etc/XF86Config


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