Konqueror doesn't print after upgrade to RH 7.1

Konqueror doesn't print after upgrade to RH 7.1

Post by Jorge Ventur » Thu, 03 May 2001 22:47:21

After upgrade, the printers are in a mess in the konqueror printer
dialog....Any fix for this ???

Thanks in advance,


1. KPPP doesn't work correctly after RH 7.1 upgrade


I have a problem with KPPP since I've upgraded to RedHat 7.1.

I upgraded to 7.1 by choosing 'upgrade existing intallation'  from the

It actually went extremely smootly.  I didn't have any problems with the
system after the upgrade except KPPP (so far).

As it stands, I can only use KPPP when I'm logged in as root and running
KDE or when, as a user, I run internet-config and enter my root password.  

This then asks me to select what I have (modem) and then the system kicks
me in to KPPP.

I cannot even start KPPP via the K menu or by typing it on the command line
via a terminal window.  

What do I need to change to get it to work??  

Thanks a bunch


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