followup to my own post (staroffice and kde core)

followup to my own post (staroffice and kde core)

Post by Tom Rome » Thu, 12 Apr 2001 07:19:00

Followup to my own message.

Being new to KDE 2.1, I just discovered the most recent
versions of knode and kmail. Very nice. I'll only need
StarOffice for some MS office document compatibility.

Kudos to the KDE team.

Not a bad way to use some old(er) hardware.

I'm wondering if my staroffice problem may be traced back to
resource problems. I have 2 cores, one kdeinit, the other artsd.

> Hello all

> Has anyone seen or heard of the following behavior?

> I have:  hardware...
> Pentium "classic" 200 w/ 80 meg memory.
> Kingston 110TX 10/100 nic
> Pro Audio Spectrum sound card w/scsi CDROM
> Diamon Stealth II (S3 virge) video w/2 meg.

> Distro:
> RH 7.0
> Removed kde 1.2 rpms
> Installed KDE 2.1 via "stable RPMS" from link at kde site.
> installed JDK 118
> Installed StarOffice 5.2 (network install)
> If I try to input any HTTP address via staroffice
> kdeinit core dumps. I have to either telnet in from another box
> and kill all the kde processes or restart my linux box (hard reset).

> All else seems fine. It seems just the Staroffice Browser causes
> a kdeinit core dump.

> I don't really need the browser as I have netscape and otherwise
> KDE seems very stable. But I thought I'd see if anyone else has
> heard of or had the problem.

> Tom Romeo

Tom Romeo


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