Gnome apps very slow to load under KDE

Gnome apps very slow to load under KDE

Post by Bill Piet » Tue, 09 Apr 2002 10:12:27

I've been switching between KDE and Ximian Gnome for some time. Until very
recently Gnome apps or apps compiled with Gnome support loaded quickly
under KDE, ie Pan, Evo, Gnome games. I've also been using RedCarpet to keep
all up to date - but starting last week under KDE 2.2 and still under KDE 3
Pan now takes 3+ minutes to load, as does a small app like Gnome's
freecell. All is normal under Gnome. Once loaded under KDE the apps run as
expected, except VLC 0.3 (this is a problem - tho it runs great under
Gnome). I can't find any log entries to help understand what's going on. If
anyone else is experiencing the same I'd sure like a pointer to resolve it.
I've got no Gnome issues & I'd rather not haphazardly change anything.

The transition to KDE 3 was a piece of cake. Other than the usual splash
crash it's great. One peculiarity I haven't bothered to trace is that KDE
loads Evo on startup. KDE 3 loads more quickly than 2.2 and I see no delay
at all from Evo - so I don't really see a need to change that.
Bill Piety
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I've got E16.3 running on fBSD3.2 with the linux module.  I was just
wondering why gnome apps take a long while to appear.  Just after login
they seem normal, but trying the same app a second time (or any other)
tries my patience, although it is a nice surprise when it appears after
I've forgotten about it.

thanks jullian

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