KDE2 & PPP Dialer

KDE2 & PPP Dialer

Post by mpierc » Wed, 13 Sep 2000 07:44:20

Sorry about the post - found the problem and corrected it.

> I can launch PPP Dialer under "root" but cannot as a login user.

> Under KDE1, I did the following to give kppp the correct permission:

>    1) Removed PPP password protection by editing vi /etc/pam.d/kppp with:
>            change /lib/security/pam_rootok.so to /lib/security/pag_permit.so

>    2) Change Suid root to stop KPPP from asking for password
>            chmod +s /usr/sbin/kppp

>    3) Unlink KPPP
>            ln -sf /usr/sbin/kppp /usr/bin/kppp

> This is not working under KDE2 (I know files are in different places).
> Also /etc/pam.d/pppd does not have the pam_rootok.so call.

> Can someone let me know what is now required for KDE2? Marvin


1. PPP - sh: /etc/ppp/ppp-on-dialer: Permission denied HELP!

I can manually set up a PPP connection by following the PPP-HOWTO, but
when I try to run the automated scripts I get this permission denied
error.  The scripts are all chmod'ed 777, and I'm running them as
root.  In /var/log/messages, pppd says that the chatscript
(ppp-on-dialer) failed.

Here's my ppp-on script:
TELEPHONE=XXX-XXXX      # Left out number for posting
ACCOUNT=XXXXX                # Left out account name for posting
PASSWORD=XXXXX            #Left out password for posting
exec /usr/sbin/pppd -d -detach lock modem crtscts /dev/ttyS3 38400 \
        asyncmap 20A0000 escape FF kdebug 0 $LOCAL_IP:$REMOTE_IP \
        noipdefault netmask $NETMASK connect $DIALER_SCRIPT

Here is my ppp-on-dialer script:
exec /usr/sbin/chat -v                                  \
        TIMEOUT         6                               \
        ABORT           '\nBUSY\r'                      \
        ABORT           '\nNO ANSWER\r'                 \
        ABORT           '\nRINGING\r\n\r\nRINGING\r'    \
        ''              \rATZ                           \
        'OK-+++\c-OK'   ATH0                            \
        TIMEOUT         30                              \
        OK              ATDT$TELEPHONE                  \
        CONNECT         ''                              \
        ogin:--ogin:    $ACCOUNT                        \
        assword:        $PASSWORD                       \
        >               ppp  

I run ppp-on and then almost immeadiately it gives me the permission
denied error.

Any help would be appreciated.
Steve Hodgson

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