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anybody using ktalkd while working with kde started by kdm on his linux
box? i'm having huge troubles with that uhm thing. it ignores every
configuration attempt i do (system as well as per user config.
/usr/share/config/ktalkdrc and $HOME/.kde/usr/share/config/ktalkdrc)
and it looks like all the documentation (which is one page answering 3!
questions) is worth for nothing.

so perhaps anybody else than me does know something more.

i'm using linux and kde 3.1.2
i tried to login my kde using startx as well as using kdm (having an
xterm running or not after login makes no difference) the problem:
whenever somebody tries to talk to me there is always this stupid
answering machine (which i turned off! (in user and system-configs!))
sending me an email even if there is nothing typed to send (which i
turned off! (again! in all possible config-files available!))

like the help suggested i checked that my distribution is logging my
user into utmp when logging in with kdm. (it does)
i tried to turn on debugging like suggested. all i get is an extra error
saying that it cannot find the file /var/log/talkd.log i created this
file and made it writeable for everybody. next try. no error anymore
but also no debug information. remembers me on some other system... no
names... we don't need that :)

anyway. if anybody got a byte farther let me know.

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I have been trying to get ktalk and ktalkd running on CorelLinux,
but with no success.  I get a segfault every time I try and run
ktalk, and when I try and run ktlakd manually, followed by ktalk,
I get the following:

PID could not get read.
Segmentation fault

I think I have inetd.conf configured properly:

talk            dgram   udp     wait    nobody.tty
/usr/sbin/tcpd  /usr/X11R6/bin/kotalkd
ntalk           dgram   udp     wait    nobody.tty
/usr/sbin/tcpd  /usr/X11R6/bin/ktalkd

any help most appreciated.

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