konqueror View->View Mode->Kmozilla error?

konqueror View->View Mode->Kmozilla error?

Post by Zsolt Koppan » Mon, 22 Jul 2002 17:26:57


in konqueror when I activate View->View Mode->Kmozilla nothing will be
shown. Is that a bug?

I use SuSE-8.0 with KDE-3.0.2 and kdebindings3-mozilla-3.0.2-8 is installed.



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I'm trying to figure out how to permanently deselect the "use index.html"
option in the view menu.  I'm starting konqueror with "kfmclient
openProfile File Management".  After unchecking the "use index.html" box,
I save the profile but the next time I open konqueror it's checked again.

I cannot find a variable that addresses this in the profile itself.  Does
anyone know how I might edit this profile by hand to make konqueror stop
rendering my index.html files?  There should be a list of allowed
variables/options somewhere but I can't find it.  

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