Icons missing, not showing up in Icon View in Konquerer

Icons missing, not showing up in Icon View in Konquerer

Post by Casey » Tue, 27 Aug 2002 12:26:00

I had a problem with Icons now showing in Icon View, they would show
just fine in list view or detail view. I rebooted, I changed icon
themes, I checked many Konq settings but couldnt get them to show. I
searched google and found no answers.

I finally realized that somehow Konq had a bad icon size selected,
causing icons not to show. This was easily fixed by clicking on
View>Icon Size>Default

Dont know how it got messed up but this was the problem. Just wanted
to post this on here in case anyone else ever comes searching for the
same problem.


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Dear Newsgroup,

Looking for the following:

*  Sites and directories for icons that I can use in the toolbar when setting
    up new buttons in X
* An icon viewer for linux and I heard that you are able to get an icon
  converter from somewhere which allows you to convert icons from a Windows
  format *.ico to a format in X

Thank you to all.


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