How can I run a full screen app instead of the desktop?

How can I run a full screen app instead of the desktop?

Post by CS » Mon, 09 Aug 1999 04:00:00


For certain users, I want an app to run instead of the KDE desktop.  The app
is the Citrix ICA client in full screen mode.  I can run it from a shell
command with the following command:  X | /usr/lib/ICAClient/wfica "Console"
This starts X and runs the full screen remote NT desktop.  It works the way
I want to but doesn't clean up when I quit the Citrix client.

How can I set up KDE so some users get the normal desktop and others get the
ICA full screen (sans window manager) client?  What would be great is
getting the KDM to present another logon screen when quitting the ICA client
instead of the blank screen I get when I run it with the command line
mentioned above.




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Gimp.  Now in KDE 2, the toolbar shows all applications.  I'd like to
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I went through the Panel and Toolbar Settings, but could find no
mention of this.  Any help would be appriciative.


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