qt problem

qt problem

Post by pachu.. » Wed, 11 Oct 2000 04:00:00

Hi all,
       I am facing a problem with qt. I have created a wizard, which has
got a few stages. My problem is that when i use the back button to
browse back to the earlier windows, their size is getting enlarged (the
size of the successive windows). How can i retain the original size of
the windows.
thanks in advance

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I'm sorry for being such a pest (this problem, that problem).
I'm getting better though.....

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finding my Qt.  Although I know for sure Qt is there (did
a grep and found qt-1.44....), they can't seem to find Qt.
Anyway, I installed a qt-devel-1.42 and everything looks

When I do a make, all of the s/w complained sth about unable
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which worked perfectly in R4, i can't compile under R5.

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(it's probably me)


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