Help: KDE apps. not responding to XSendEvent

Help: KDE apps. not responding to XSendEvent

Post by ndin.. » Tue, 01 Aug 2000 04:00:00


I wrote a little application (in Xlib) that Grabs the keyboard and
sends selective events using XSendEvent to the application that
contains the keyboard. I am able to successfully send the key strokes
to GNOME apps. (under KDE) but not KDE apps like Kedit, etc.

Has anyone noticed any such behavior? Are there any special precautions
I need to take when sending events to KDE apps?



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1. Help: Apps. not responding to XSendEvent()


I developed a little application that grabs the keyboard and sends
keystroke events to using XSendEvent() to the window with the pointer.
Here are some of my observations:

1. if I set event.xany.window = RootWindow(display, screen_num), then
it works under KDE but no GNOME apps. work.

2. if I don't set anything, then GNOME applications work but not KDE

3. In either case, no standard Xt applications work. i.e. xterm,
Netscape, etc.

Is there someone out there who can shed some light on this behavior.



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