Kmid and Kmidi sound differences

Kmid and Kmidi sound differences

Post by Terrap » Tue, 06 Jul 1999 04:00:00

I've finally got sound for midi working with Mandrake 6/ kmultimedia
1.1.1. Kmid sound is terrible (checked all 6 combos). Is there a
better synthesizer?  The sound with Kmidi is ok - I went out and
picked up some patches. Sure is a cpu penalty w/ timidity - 80-90%
versus 3-5% w/ Kmid synth. The main problem with Kmidi is that it is
not dragon drop and cannot make midi file packages readily.

All-in-all, the sound doesn't come up to the quality in windows. I'm
running YamahaSoftSynth with Juke as a front end. Real tough time
finding midi stuff for linux... seems like it's becoming a dead art.


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I am rinning debian kernel 2.4.20 and kde 3.1. I  have gotten timidity to
work with one-line commands. I can't get kmid or kmidi to work. I have a
cmi8738 soundcard and it is compiled into the kernel.

Does anyone know where I can get instructions on how to get these 2 programs
to run?

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