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1. Docking apps in WindowMaker


I'm new to WindowMaker and have the following problem:

When I dock some app, it can normally be run only
once from the dock; after that the three little dots
on the icon are gone, and the icon is kind of dead.

Now I found somewhere in the documentation a way to
circumvent this: make the app emulate an icon and
somehow dock that. However, when I want to select
this emulation from the window menu/attributes panel,
it's grayed out for all the apps I tried.
=> First problem.

Then, I played around with the attributes, and at some
point deactivated application icons for one or two
apps. When I decided later to bring them back, I found
the window menu/application specific menu entry grayed
=> Second problem.

As a side effect, the icon emulation was suddenly
possible for the apps I robbed of app icons. However,
it doesn't help much as there won't be an icon I can
drag onto the dock.
=> Third problem.

Overall, I have the impression that I haven't yet
understood this whole mechanism, especially as I
couldn't reproduce the described behaviour for some
other app when I tried to get behind it all.

Can someone please enlighten me?

Thanks and Cheers,


Thomas Lotze - thomas.lotze *at* :o)

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