User KDE menu

User KDE menu

Post by Paul Pygeo » Sat, 03 Feb 2001 03:15:02

Hi all,

I've read a lot about KDE menus but I can figure how to preserve my
personalized user KDE menu.

If I modified KDE menus with KMenuEdit (forget about MenuDrake), everything
is fine. But if I need to reboot, I lost my user modifications everytime,
because KDE make a backup of user KDE menus in my .kde/share/applnk
directory and erase all my settings.

I've try to remove permissions to my user applnk directory for avoid
writing. No more chance :(

Anyone have a solution?

Mandrake 7.2 - Kernel 2.4.0
XFree 4.0.2


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users, not just me?

Thank you in advance,


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