kde & kdm default color depth

kde & kdm default color depth

Post by tp » Thu, 05 Aug 1999 04:00:00

Can anyone tell me how to set the default color depth for kdm to 16bpp?
I have been starting X from the command prompt with startx -- -bpp 16,
but I can't find the script that initializes kde from kdm and am only
getting about 256 colours which looks terrible.
I am using rh6.0 hedwig with their supplied version of kde.

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First off, I thought I had my Xserver running with 24-bit color as the
default.  When I run xdpyinfo, it tells me that the default visual is
0x20 (which in the list is an 8-bit visual).  Does this in fact mean
that I'm running in 8-bit mode as default?  I've tried starting my
Xsun with "defdepth 24" and "defclass TrueColor", both give the same
xdpyinfo as running Xsun plain.  Am I reading it wrong?


This was brought on by me trying to get BlackBox Window Manager to run
on my machine.  I can login to my machine from another box (16-bit
color is default as shown by xdpyinfo) and blackbox works fine.  If I
login on the console, blackbox's colors are all funky and distorted
(can't read anything).  Does anyone have a suggestion for me?



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