empty Control Center

empty Control Center

Post by Bart Symon » Sun, 02 May 1999 04:00:00

When I start the KDE Control Center I don't see the tree structure that
normally represents the different KDE settings groups. Instead, all I
get is an empty dialog box (blank white area on the left of the dialog

It worked fine just after I installed KDE 1.1, but for some reason this
has changed. I had the same problem before with RedHat 5.1 and KDE 1.0.

Who can help me?


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I've been having a problem here and would really appreciate if someone
could point me in the right direction.

The problem is this, when I run KDE Control Center, there are no modules on
the left-hand side. I also get an empty list of modules when I try to
access the "Modules" menu in the KDE Control Center

This happened for the first time after using this installation of KDE for
quite some time. I am running KDE 2.1.2 on SuSE 7.2. My installation has
KDE Control Center 2.0. My system also has GNOME, though I rarely use it.

There is one detail that may (or may not?) be significant to this issue, I
installed the following packages just before this happened:

1) I installed Ximian Red Carpet
2) Used Ximian Red Carpet to install Opera (web browser)

Is there any reason to believe that the previous 2 steps have caused this?
I am willing to uninstall the previous to packages if absolutely necessary.
Is there anything else I should be trying to remedy this problem?


-- Mark Nenadov (http://www.freelance-developer.com)

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