Konqueror problems playing wav files

Konqueror problems playing wav files

Post by Ton » Wed, 24 Oct 2001 02:22:44

Running Konqueror from Mandrake's KDE 2.2 packages, I can't get it to
play wav files.  Whenever I click on a wav file, the player I chose
comes up, but nothing happens.  After some investigation, I found that
the file I clicked is beind downloaded to
/home/myuser/.kde/share/apps/kfmexec/tmp/(somefilename)  However, as
soon as the file is finished downloading (before the player has a
chance to play it), it dissapears from the file system.  It seems that
Konqueror is deleting it as soon as it finishes downloading, and the
player never gets a chance to see it.  Does anybody know how to fix



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        I am using Sound Blaster Compatible card. I found that I can hear
sound while I redirected the .au or .wav files to /dev/audio. However, I
can't use the 'play' file to play .wav files. The error message is as
follow :

Playing: sample.wav (full-song)
Mono-Sample, speed: 22050 Hz, 8 Bit per Sample
Invalid audio buffer size

        Do you know what the problem is?
        (I am using Linux 1.0 and my machine is 486DX2-66. )


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