LDAP Auto Completion of Addresses in Kmail

LDAP Auto Completion of Addresses in Kmail

Post by Carsten Schlip » Wed, 05 Feb 2003 07:47:57

Hi all,

my greatest hope with KDE 3.1 was, that it will be possible to auto-complete
addresses in the 'to' field like it is possible with addresses in kab.
Somehow like it works with Mozilla Mail or MS Outlook.

I tried everything I was able to find. There is a control module in control
center KDE Components -> Address Book, where I've added my LDAP server, but
I haven't found out which effect this has.

I added the LDAP server in KAddressbook, but there I have to use a separate
search dialog to find addresses (for me more a dirty workaround than a real

But I can't figure out how to use LDAP for auto-completing addresses in
Kmails 'to' field although I have found some pages with google, where it is
claimed that it should work. However I haven't found a page that tells me
how to do that.

Can anybody help?

Thanks a lot.



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Hello all,

Is there anyway I could make Kmail work like Outlook Express on Windows? I
mean...when you start entering the email address in the *To:* field...then
the list box appears with the complete email... I would like to hit TAB and
then jump to the *Subject* field...  The way it is now...you start typing
and if the auto-completion feature appears...you have to use the down arrow
key to select it ...breaking you hands positions if you are a typer like me

I've been reading the help file but haven't find anything so far.

Thanks in advance,

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