KDE 1.1 and Netscape

KDE 1.1 and Netscape

Post by Joshua Remu » Thu, 22 Apr 1999 04:00:00

    I've installed KDE successfully and all works well, until I attempt
to run netscape.  I continue to get bus errors after I've been running
it for a few minutes.  Arena and other graphical browsers exit similarly
although they do not display the bus error message.  I've got the right
libs installed, etc, anyone have some suggestions?  I'm running Debian
2.1.  Danke.

Josh Remus


1. KDE 1.1 on sparc station 20 : can't start netscape -> core dumped ?

I've just installed KDE 1.1 on my SS20.

I've downloaded


from rpmfind.net (ultrapinguoin 1.1.9 directory) and installed it in the
following order :

rpm -i netscape-common
rpm -i netscape-communicator
rpm -i netscape-navigator

But, when I launch netscape, I've an Abort message with a core dumped.

Have anybody experienced this problem ?



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