X Refresh Problems? - Horizontal Noise in KDE 3.1

X Refresh Problems? - Horizontal Noise in KDE 3.1

Post by Shannon Lloy » Sun, 23 Mar 2003 05:33:22

I'm getting a lot of (mostly horizontal) noise on my screen when I move
windows around in KDE. The noise appears to be a very rough ghost image
of whatever window I'm trying to move, shifted horizontally by a few
hundred pixels. At first I thought that I may have had my refresh rates
set too high (31-96 & 55-160, even though these are what my monitor's
manual states (NEC Multisync V921 19")), so I dropped these down to
31-80 and 55-130, but the problem is still there. This is using a Radeon
VE card under Slackware 9. I should add that (a) I dual boot this
machine with XP, and the problem is not there in XP, and (b) the problem
did not exist in RH 7.3 or RH 8. I'm also running Slackware 9 on my
laptop, and the problem does not exist there, so I'm at a loss as to
what might be causing the problem. Any ideas?

1. KDE 3.1 and Shift-Ins

I apologize in advance for the basic question.

I've recently upgraded to Mandrake 9.1 (KDE 3.1) from previous
releases of both.  Historically, I have been able to paste text (which
has been previously highlighted with mouse) via the Shift-Ins key
combination.  This has worked across Konsole windows, vim, etc...
However, as of this upgrade, the Shift-Ins key combination does not
seem to paste?

I notice that the middle mouse button does still work, but my fingers
have grown quite acustomed to the Shift-Ins combination so that they
do not have to leave the keyboard.  Can anyone point me in the right
direction to re-enable this feature and/or what has changed?

Thanks again.

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