gzipped file support

gzipped file support

Post by Bernard Cha » Fri, 04 Jul 2003 17:51:37


With the gzip and tar kioslave when I click on a .tar.gz file the contents
of the archive is shown.

On my Debian system most documentation, like text, DVI and PDF files are
gzipped (e.g. pdflatex.pdf.gz). When I click on it, an ark window is
invoked with file listing. To view the content, I need to right click on
the file and select "view". This is not very convenient if I need to browse
a number of gzipped files.

Can I have KDE automatically deflate the gzipped file and opens it
automatically according to file type, e.g. .pdf.gz files in
Acrobat/kghostview or README.gz with kwrite?

Bernard Chan