log file error reading .kde

log file error reading .kde

Post by John Mallet » Tue, 09 Oct 2001 13:41:15

I am running kde 2.2 with redhat 7.1 I am getting this error in my log
files could any one help

Oct  5 22:19:40 ted fam[899]: Client "client 5", whose requests are
being serviced as uid 99, was denied access on /home/john/.kde/share.
If this client might be running as uid 99 because it failed
authentication, you might disable authentication.  See the fam(1M) man


1. How to read(/var/log)log files HELP!!


Can anyone point me to a location to tell me how to interpret the log
files(/var/log)on my Linux system?
I really need to understand what all the information means. I have the
task of storing patient information on a small file server.  I set up
the linux box, and learning security, but have a very limited knowledge
of the format of these (/var/log)files.  I need to know if someone is
hacking my system.
Running Red Hat Manhattan

Stan Benoit

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