KDE2 (Beta) problem under Suse 7.0

KDE2 (Beta) problem under Suse 7.0

Post by Dennis Tuchle » Thu, 04 Jan 2001 11:43:23

Now that I finally have Linux installed on my second computer, I
discovered that when I logged on to KDE2 (the one that came with SuSE)
there were no icons, except one for "home" and one for "trash".
Moreover the KDE browser seemed not to function. On the other hand, with
KDE, there were several icons and Netscape came right up.   On my other
computer, one without the network connection, both KDE and KDE2 desktops
had the same icons and came up more quickly.

I have no idea why the difference.  Any suggestions?


dj tuchler


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