Kde2.2 install pb on Mdk 7.2 and Konqueror crash

Kde2.2 install pb on Mdk 7.2 and Konqueror crash

Post by Frederic Corn » Thu, 23 Aug 2001 17:52:41

I have installed Kde2.2 on one machine with Mdk 8.0 and all works fine.

Then I have installed Kde2.2. on a older machine with Mdk7.2 an I ran into problems :

# rpm -Uvh kdebase-2.2-1mdk.i586.rpm kdelibs-2.2-1mdk.i586.rpm
qt2-2.3.1-8mdk.i586.rpm arts-2.2-1mdk.i586.rpm kdeutils-2.2-1mdk.i586.rpm
kdenetwork-2.2-1mdk.i586.rpm libarts2-2.2-1mdk.i586.rpm libxml2-2.4.1-1mdk.i586.rpm
error: failed dependencies:
        libcdda_interface.so.0 is needed by kdebase-2.2-1mdk
        libcdda_paranoia.so.0 is needed by kdebase-2.2-1mdk
        libogg.so.0 is needed by kdebase-2.2-1mdk
        libvorbisenc.so.0 is needed by kdebase-2.2-1mdk
        libvorbis.so.0 is needed by kdebase-2.2-1mdk
        libpcreposix.so.0 is needed by kdelibs-2.2-1mdk
        libpcre.so.0 is needed by kdelibs-2.2-1mdk

I was unable to find the corresponding packages for mdk7.2
Someone found thems ?

as libcdda, libvorbis are for audio stuff , I can bypass it then I do :
rpm -Uvh --nodeps ...
and all are installed. Seems working correctly until I triied Konqueror on a simple page as
then it crash each times.
( the system use binutils-

Any hint ?