KDE 1.1.1 - KMail got signal 15.

KDE 1.1.1 - KMail got signal 15.

Post by Scott E. Regene » Fri, 14 May 1999 04:00:00

Can anyone explain to me why this is happening?  I'll be working away in KFM,
KRN, or almost anything else and have KMail running in the background (set not
to check mail automatically) and suddenly, X shuts down and the only message I
have is: KMail got signal 15.... Waiting for X server to stop.

I've got a P166-MMX, 64MB RAM, RedHat 5.2, KDE 1.1.1, Kernel 2.2.8 (though this
also happened often with 2.2.5.)  Any ideas?

Scott E. Regener
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Can someone please help?

Thanks in advance


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