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>> Does anyone know where there is a good working version
>> of klyx for KDE 1 on RedHat Linux 6.2?  Thanks.

>Whats about KLyX-0.10.0 from ftp.kde.org?

>As I put that out, you should condsider using LyX;-() Or look at the
>KDE2 klyx efforts --- whatever end you wanna delf into;-))

I see no reason for needing a K version of Lyx, unless there
is some special feature that has crept in. I use regular Lyx under KDE
with no problem. Conversely I have used some KDE distribution programs under
fvwm95 (e.g., Kppp) with no problem. There seems to be less here than meets
the eye :-) Regular Lyx is the safest bet no matter what your desktop choice.

John Culleton

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So I successfully compiled KLyX 0.9.9 (I'm running KDE 1.1, RH 5.2) and then
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postscript I'm told "LaTeX did not work. Missing log file."

Also I do not have any LaTeX man or commands.

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