KDE 3 and kmid embedding

KDE 3 and kmid embedding

Post by Chris Spiege » Tue, 14 May 2002 06:53:05

kmid does not work for me, it just locks up when I try to play a midi.
This isn't a concern, as I just use timidity for midi.  However, it
causes a problem when embedding in Konqueror, because the whole browser
locks up.  I tried setting 'no embed' for midis through kcontrol, I
tried setting 'no embed' for all of audio, I tried removing kmid from
the list of embedded apps for midis, I tried removing the entire midi
mimetype, all to no avail.  kmid still insists that it should embed when
I'm doing web browsing.  I do not want this.  I'd much rather have no
midi on webpages than a locked browser (in fact, I'd rather have no midi
on webpages than having midi, since it's generally annoying).

I finally just removed kdemultimedia, because I got so fed up with
trying to get kmid to stop embedding itself as a plugin.  Is there any
way to convince applications that they are not supposed to embed in web


PS: I'm not interested in getting kmid to work.  I just want to disable,
on an app by app basis, embedding in web pages.