Help! Desktop switching

Help! Desktop switching

Post by ck » Tue, 22 Jun 1999 04:00:00

Help! I'm a new kde user and I have a problem that perhaps someone might be
able to help me with. When ever the mouse pointer hits the main menu bar ( on
the top of my screen ) the desktops change. I have 2 different desktops set up
and this is REALLY annoying. The mouse is not hitting the desktop changing
button, it just changes!





1. KDE Wallpapers slow desktop switching

I didn't notice this problem with beta 3, but with beta four, I find
that It can take KDE  WAY TOO LONG to switch backgrounds when switching
desktops.  I switched to smaller image files for my wallpapers and that
fixed the problem  (instead of an 800x600 mage a 100x100 or smaller).
Has anyone else experienced this?

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