Default Security profiles

Default Security profiles

Post by Luke Alle » Sat, 24 Feb 2001 18:06:26

Having set up a new default security profile on SCO open server release 5,
can I change one of the default properties on a system wide basis.

I have found two file:

/etc/auth/system/default   and  /etc/default/passwd

which is either of these files should I use.

Any advise appreciated



1. Cron and default profile

When I run a cron job under my login (I have access in cron.allow) it says
that /bin/sh will execute these commands.  The problem is where is the
/bin/sh getting the profile from... It doesnt seem like it is using
/.profile or /etc/profile???
When I change info into these two files it is reflected when I login as
root but still the cron jobs still dont see the exported variables that I
have in these files.  Could this be because that /bin/sh is actually
running from when the last time the Unix System was taken down and that
the only way to see these changes is for me to bring down and up the
system to re-read the default profile info or am I on the wrong track ???

Any help Please E-mail me.


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