Firewall question

Firewall question

Post by garfiel » Fri, 07 Jun 1996 04:00:00

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We are considering implementing a connection to the Internet.  We are looking at the following,
any opinions?

1.  At the router from the Internet (going towards the Intranet) put a firewall like Sun's
SunScreen product.

2.  Put a packet filtering router in between the firewall to the Internet and intranet

3.  Have a Application Firewall like ANS protecting the intranet

Internet --> SunScreen --> Packet Filter --> ANS --> intranet

Does the same company that makes Firewall 1 create the SunScreen software?

Has anybody tried the above configuration with success?

Has anybody routed SMTP on a different port using the above scenario?

Is it a good idea to place NNTP and SMTP servers on the Internet and have the firewall verify the
address of the server as part of the security check-in?

Any help is greatly appreciated.  



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I need to get a firewall up in our office with no NAT.  I looked at a book
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Anyone else have an opinion on this book?

Okay, I tried version 4.3, but I could not add the iptables module.  Version
4.4 seems to use IPFW and the rules use a more english like syntax than
characters $.  Am I right so far??

A lot of the optins are turned on in files.  FIREWALL = yes in rc.conf.
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In DOS i could use edit to edit a file, what do I use in FreeBSD??


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