Probs with Setting up Banners/TCPWRAPPER

Probs with Setting up Banners/TCPWRAPPER

Post by Marc Peter Altho » Tue, 30 May 1995 04:00:00

I am trying to set up the banners with the TCP-Wrapper-pkg 7.2,
but I am not able to get it up and running. The author of the program was
kind enough to give me his banners-directory, but I still cant get it up.
Is the "banners"-command described in Banners.Makefile a shell-command ? I
guess it is some kind of a keyword, because I cant find in anywhere...

Here is my config-file...

> # /etc/hosts.allow file ---- Konfigurationsfile der TCP-Wrapper
> #

> #
> in.fingerd : 134.130. : banners /var/header
> in.telnetd : 134.130. : banners /var/header

The files in /var/header are public-readable and a created with Banners.makefile.

What am I doing wrong...
Please answer also by E-Mail, as our newssoftware sometimes goes /&%&/%"$ !

Thanx in advance

M.P. Althoff


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I have compiled tcpwrappers 7.6 with the language extensions in order
to make use of the banners option.  In the banners file I am trying to
make a universal file that I can copy from machine to machine without
modification.  In order to do this I need to be able to use the
`hostname` command to verify the server.

However, this does not seem to work.  The banner looks something like
the following:

         Welcome to `hostname`!

        blah blah blah
        disclaimer disclaimer
        warning warning

The `hostname` does not work.  It shows up literally in the login
banner.  I'm not a scripter so I'm sure it's something simple.

How can I make this work?



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