system clock/bios clock setting

system clock/bios clock setting

Post by Robert N Newsh » Thu, 03 Dec 1998 04:00:00

my bios clock is a little off, probably drifts too.  whenever I reboot,
though, the date I set is back to the old date.  someone showed me once
how to commit a date to the bios clock (I guess otherwise it calculates it
via an offset).

Anyone know how?  also, can anyone give me a quick tutorial on setting the
drift for that clock?

btw:  running Caldera OpenLinux 1.1


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system clock/bios clock setting

Post by Lee Maguir » Thu, 03 Dec 1998 04:00:00

Quote:>Anyone know how?  also, can anyone give me a quick tutorial on setting the
>drift for that clock?

$ man hwclock

hwclock supports time drift adjustment, but if the machine is networked
I would suggest looking into using netdate to set the system time then
take the hardware time from the system.

(hwclock may be replaced by something else in Caldera(?) so try
 "man -k clock" if it fails.)



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by the way, in man hwclock it says

       To see if it is on or off, use the command adjtimex --print and
       look at the value of "status".  If the "64" bit of this number
       (expressed in binary) equal to 0, 11 minute mode is on.
       Otherwise, it is off.

and I do
$ /sbin/adjtimex -p
[...]     status: 64
which makes me wonder what the English of the man page is trying to
say.  Does "status:64" mean the 11 minute thing is on or off?

by the way, the The Clock Mini-HOWTO looked promising, but
seemed not to tell us dummies exactly what to do simplewise.

I installed the ntp rpm from the 2nd mandrake 7.2 CD
and notices that it doesn't put its man pages on the system, but one can dig
out of its 'doc' directory... as seen in rpm -ql ntp
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