Bill Gates Is A Baby-Eater

Bill Gates Is A Baby-Eater

Post by Eric Thie » Wed, 20 Dec 1995 04:00:00

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> System Of The Northern Territory Distribution:

> : I've been running Win95 for two months now at work.  At first I had
> trouble getting : everything installed.  When I got everything configured,
> it screamed.  I have had : enough experience now that I've installed it at
> home.

> : What gets me is that Microsoft decided they had to change everything,
> i.e., File : Manager vs. Explorer, etc.  Why?  They do the same things.  All
> us pukes that have : used Win 3.1 for quite awhile have to re-learn the same
> things over.  It's clear that : their intent is to make it easy for dummies
> to use.  That may be true, but they : expect experienced people to become
> dummies too.  You just have to look at the size : of the manual for Win95
> and compare it to the one for Win 3.1 to see this.  You can't : tinker or
> set anything in Win95.  Maybe that's good but I'm used to tinkering.

> : The other thing everyone should know is that Win95 doesn't uninstall very
> much when : its installed over Win 3.1.  It leaves the DOS directory alone
> and most of Win 3.1 : files too but never uses them again.  I ran Remove-It
> Upgrade Assistant first and : then let it clean up my old files afterward.
> I was able to remove over 25MB of files : that Win95 left behind!  They
> missed the boat here.  What they don't tell you is that : all those DOS
> files are really embedded in Win95.  If you don't remove them, you : waste a
> lot of disk space.

> : Jack

> I had the pleasure of just recently removing Win95 from a computer, and the
> only way I found to remove it was with the old "formatting of the drives"
> trick. Worked beautifully, and Win95 is never to be seen again!!

jepp, it was an pleasure for me too , to not see Win95 on my mashine !  
win95 sorry 96 or later ;-) looks funny , but is bad coded most part are  
16bit Code , and Win 95 will get Win NT standsrt in 97 ! In 97 Win NT to  
old too! So i think our "Billy Boy" should hurry up. Some time people will  
know how bad win95 is !

 Eric Thiele

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