Crack 5.0 compilation problems

Crack 5.0 compilation problems

Post by Dave Walke » Mon, 24 Aug 1998 04:00:00

I've recently 'inherited' an elderly Data General box (a 486DX33) that
is running Interactive Unix from SunSoft. I really want to play with
this box.

I mounted its hardrive (a 200MB Connor IDE drive) in my Linux box, used
'dd' to copy its contents to /tmp, and used strings to find /etc/passwd.
My intention was to use 'crack' to find a password.

I then went to CERT and downloaded Crack 5.0. I can't get it to compile.
From what I can see, the 'Crack' install script makes an initial call to
'clean', which rm's all *.o files. It then tells me that 'libc5.a' is up
to date. Next it tries to compile dictfilt.c, and dies when it can't
find elcid.o, which it has just deleted.

I've managed to compile elcid.o _before_ I run the Crack script, but the
initial call to 'clean' always deletes it.

I'm sure I'm missing something obvious, but I can't, for the life of me,
see what it is.

I've read the readme's. I've read the FAQ's. I've searched dejanews for
'Crack5.0' with no success. A search for 'crack' turned up more than
150,000 hits, and the first few hundred were no help.

Can someone show me the error of my ways?

Dave Walker


1. Probleme avec crack 5.0 + RH 5.0


Je n'arrive pas a compiler crack 5.0 avec la distrib RH 5.0 j'ai comme message
d'erreur :

/c50a/src/util/elcid.c:159 undefined reference to 'crypt'
make[1]: *** [../../run/bin/linux-2-unknown/dicfilt] Error 1

Quelque a une ide ?




I can't compiling the crack 5.0 with Red Hat 5.0 I've this error message

/c50a/src/util/elcid.c:159 undefined reference to 'crypt'
make[1]: *** [../../run/bin/linux-2-unknown/dicfilt] Error 1

Anynone have idea ?


Pour rpondre enlever le ?no-spawm? de l'adresse.
For responding supress the ?no-spawm? in the address.

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