Symantec Needs Beta Testers

Symantec Needs Beta Testers

Post by David Caldwel » Tue, 01 May 2001 12:32:47

They need more than beta testers....

Soon they will be releasing  "Norton OS crasher for Linux/BSD"

> Symantec is currently looking for network administrators interested in
> testing future Symantec AntiVirus and Security products. Ideal candidates
> should have a minimum of 500 nodes. If you would like additional
> about beta testing products designed for enterprise customers please send

> Thank You.

> Symantec External Test Department


1. Beta site: Beta testers needed!

We need beta testers to visit this site:

We have a list of over 160 active beta tests, a free newsletter (which you

"SUBSCRIBE BETANET" in the message, or by visiting the site), a beta
newsgroup listing, searching capabilities, and more!  We won the Platinum
Top 100 Sites of 1996 Award, too!

Tim Cassedy-Blum
Webmaster, BetaNet

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