Taking Note of an Opportunity

Taking Note of an Opportunity

Post by Mark Graf » Sat, 03 Sep 1994 08:37:27

If you are a kernel hacker type with a special interest in security you might want
to check out ba.jobs.offered or misc.jobs.offered. SunFed has some openings in
California for a pretty exciting new project. Relocation from anywhere on the
planet is possible for the right candidate (so they tell me).



1. Taking installation notes?

I've seen quite a few people mention installation notes. Though I'd been
planning to do it for myself when I start my installation, I was curious as
to what sort of things others noted down. What do people look for in
installation notes if they're reading others' notes? Thought I'd put my
documentation together in a way that would be helpful for others, especially
since it'll be on newly released Apple hardware.

Ian (aka The Ian Road Show, not the Secret Asian Man on Slashdot)

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