Please Help a Non-Tecchie Technical Recruiter!

Please Help a Non-Tecchie Technical Recruiter!

Post by BLF8 » Fri, 17 Sep 1999 04:00:00

I have a job order for a consultant that states:
Required Skills: Solaris and security applications.
Description: Will install, configure and maintain security servers runnning
ESM, ITA and other security software.

Can anyone tell me names of any security applications?  (So I know what to look
for when reviewing resumes)  Can anyone point me to a glossary where I can find
out what ESM and ITA are?  I've looked in our computer glossary,,, foldoc online dictionary.

Brenda L. Fraunfelter
Technical Recruiter
Arcus Staffing Resources
Harrisburg, PA
800-220-4092, Ext. 221


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